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Is there a fee to join the Delta Privilege loyalty program?

No. The Delta Privilege program is free to join.

How can I sign up to the Delta Privilege loyalty program?

Guests can sign up to Delta Privilege via the following: Immediately by accessing our On-line enrollment form at; at time of reservation or check-in; an agent can sign you up, using the information you supplied for that stay,  or by contacting the Delta Privilege Department by phone at 1-888-321 DELTA (3358) whereby an agent will forward an application form to you either by fax or by e-mail. 

What is defined as a "Stay"?

A “stay” is defined as consecutive nights in the same hotel regardless of the number of check-ins/check-outs that may occur.

When do I start to accumulate stays towards my membership?

Membership commences on the day you sign-up to the Delta Privilege program and stays are credited from that date forward.

What are the benefit entitlements for all four levels of the Delta Privilege loyalty program?

For a summary of the Delta Privilege benefits, please click here.

What is the difference between a calendar year and a membership year in terms of the program?

A calendar year in the program pertains to the qualifying period for members to accumulate stays/room nights towards their membership renewal and runs from January 1 – December 31. A membership year in the program pertains to the period in which membership benefits are active from March 1 – February 28.

What are Concierge Services?

If you are running late and did not have a chance to get all your arrangements made, you can let Delta Privilege Concierge Services take care of them for you! Contact our Delta Privilege Concierge Services line at 1-888-321-DELTA (3358).  Platinum and Platinum Plus+ members have their own dedicated reservation / member services toll free numbers (located on the back of the cards) which they can contact for concierge services. 

Can I give my membership card to a family member or friend to make a reservation and/or use the benefits on my card?

A Delta Privilege member's card is for the sole use of the member only and cannot be utilized by anyone other than that member.

Will the personal information on my profile be shared with anyone else?

At Delta Hotels and Resorts, protecting your privacy is very important to us. Our goal is to treat the personal information you furnish us with the utmost respect in accordance with our Privacy Policy. For a complete review of how we protect your information, please click here.

Will I receive program updates from Delta Hotels, even if I choose to be opted out of receiving promotional type emails?

 Yes, Any communication relating to a program change, membership tier level change or account notice change is not considered Promotional communication and therefore you will continue to receive updates via mail and/or e-mail based on the contact information provided in your profile.

Will I receive promotional materials from Delta Hotels if I provide an e-mail address?

Yes, As part of the Delta Privilege program, you have the option to receive regular exclusive offers and news on our many exciting packages, products and services at our hotels and resorts across the country. As well, all communications allow our valued members to unsubscribe from receiving such promotional materials.  If you had previously requested not to receive promotional materials, but would like to moving forward, you can contact our member services team at or toll free; 888-321-3358 (DELTA).   

Do I have to show my credit card every time I check-in?

Yes, Your credit card will be requested at time of check-in every time you stay with us.  Guests may be requested to show photo Id along with the credit card being used for the stay.  

Do I need to quote my Delta Privilege Membership number when making a reservation?

Yes. Your membership number must be quoted at time of booking in order to ensure that you are recognized as a Delta Privilege member. Should you forget your Privilege number when making a reservation, you will be asked to reconfirm additional details on your profile for your own protection and security. If you cannot confirm the additional details on your profile, you can still request to have your Delta Privilege number added to your reservation at time of check-in. You will be asked to provide photo ID for identification purposes.

Can I view my membership profile on-line?

Membership profiles can be seen on-line via our website. Members have an opportunity to log in to view their membership profile, including contact information, stay preferences and guest history. To view your on-line profile, click here

What is the benefit of having an online profile?

Having an online profile allows members to have direct control over the type of information they choose to share with Delta Hotels, such as personal stay preferences, contact information and address details for mailing of membership kits.  An online profile also allows the following:

  • Create, modify and cancel reservations
  • View stay history and submit claims for missing stays.
  • Review upcoming reservations
  • Update profile preferences specific to your membership level

Note:  Platinum and Platinum Plus+ members can also select the type of welcome gift they prefer on each and every stay.  These members can select from one of three different snack options or 250 Aeroplan welcome miles. We only ask that an update to the welcome gift is requested at least 48 hrs in advance of arrival to ensure your new choice is delivered on that stay.

What if I do not have an online profile, can I still make changes to my contact details / stay preferences?

Yes, we have multiple options for our valued members to update their contact details and stay preferences, where it be at time of reservation, any point during the stay or by contacting our member services team.  See “Contact Us” at the end of this document for contact details.  

When does my Delta Privilege membership expire?

Your Delta Privilege membership is active for as long as you choose to participate within the program and are in good standing.  For additional information, see Delta Privilege Program Overview in Terms & Conditions. 

As a Privilege Member, do I receive a membership card when I sign up to the program?

New members to the program will receive an e-Welcome Package, including a virtual membership card that can be printed and carried by the member. Members who have reached Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus+ status will receive a plastic card, within their membership kit. 

Why must I present my membership card in order to access my benefits?

New members to the program will receive an e-Welcome Package, including a virtual membership card that can be printed and carried by the member. Members who have reached Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus+ status will receive a plastic card, within their membership kit.

How many stays are required to be upgraded to Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus+ levels?

Members will be upgraded to Gold status after 5 stays (or 10 room nights), Platinum status after 15 stays (30 room nights), and Platinum Plus+ status after 25 stays (50 room nights), all accumulated during a calendar year from January 1 – December 31. 

When will I be upgraded to Gold, Platinum and/or Platinum Plus+?

Members will be upgraded to Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus+ on March 1st, during our annual membership renewal, based on meeting the stay/room night criteria , based on stays / room nights accumulated from the previous calendar year (Jan 1 – Dec 31).  Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus+ memberships are valid until the end of February each year.

How do I redeem my credits for dining?

To redeem your credits for dining, your membership card must be presented before ordering at any participating Delta restaurants and lounges. Participating restaurants include those managed by Delta Hotels and Resorts. Please inquire before ordering to verify if your credits can be utilized in that restaurant.

Are there any restrictions when it comes to using my credits for dining?

Credits are not valid for breakfast (before 11:00 a.m.) or New Year's Eve. The credits on your membership card have no cash value and are not valid for alcoholic beverages, taxes or gratuities. 

Do I have to be staying overnight at a Delta Hotel in order to use my credits for dining?

No. Whether there is a Delta Hotel in your hometown or if you are simply passing by, you can visit any of our participating restaurants and use your credits without staying at the hotel. 

Do my credits carry over from one membership year to the next?

No. Any unused credits on Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus+ membership cards will become void as of March 1st and do not carry over from one membership year to the next.

What is the maximum amount of credits I will receive in a membership year?

The maximum amount of credits a member is entitled to within a membership year is $500. Members who are upgraded throughout the year are simply topped up to the maximum amount of credits for that level. Ie: A Platinum member receives $300 in credit.  If upgraded to Platinum Plus+, they will be topped up an additional $200, which will brings them to a total of $500.

Can I redeem my credits for the room charge?

Yes, Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus+ members can redeem all or part of the room charge by simply notifying the front desk at time of checkout. Members must present their membership card and swipe in order to redeem benefits. This is valid for the room rate portion only, as taxes and gratuities are not included. 

Can I redeem my credits for just the room upgrade portion of the room charge?

Yes, Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus+ members can redeem their credits for the room charge,upgrade portion only or maybe even just a portion of the charge.  Members can book their room type at time of reservation (in order to ensure its availability at time of arrival) and simply notify the front desk at time of checkout that they would like to redeem their credits.

As a Delta Privilege member, am I required to pay for high-speed/wireless Internet service?

No, members are not charged for in-room high-speed internet or wireless service. If you prefer a room type that does not have high-speed or wireless, but require access to, please inquire at the front desk at time of check-in or during any part of your stay for alternatives within the hotel. 

When do my benefits expire?

All Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus+ memberships expire at the end of February each year. Members will be renewed as of March 1st, based on the stays (or room nights) they’ve accumulated from the previous calendar year (January 1 – December 31).  Members who meet the required number of stays (or room nights) for Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus+ will be renewed with full benefits, loaded onto their membership cards. 

Are there length of stay restrictions for complimentary room upgrades for Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus+ members?

Yes. Based on availability, upgrades are valid for a specific number of room nights for each level. Gold: Each upgrade valid for a two-night stay. Members may extend their room upgrade by utilizing the additional upgrade on their membership card. Platinum and Platinum Plus+: Based on availability, upgrades are valid for the duration of the member’s stay. Some restrictions may apply for long-stay guests (stays greater than 7 nights at resorts and stays greater than 14 nights at airport/city-centre hotels).

What is the 48 hour guaranteed availability?

The 48-hour guarantee is defined as a two-day booking window (i.e. Platinum and Platinum Plus+ members who call on the 10th are guaranteed a room on the 12th, but not on the 11th regardless of the actual time called).  Valid for one standard guest room when paying the hotel’s Daily rate.  Benefit cannot be used in conjunction with any type of promotional, discounted or negotiated rates.  Some blackout dates apply/not applicable at some resorts.

As a Gold, Platinum or Platinum Plus+ member, what type of upgrade should I expect to receive as part of my benefit?

Gold and Platinum Members are eligible for upgrades at time of check-in, based on availability. Upgrades are defined as the next room category from what was reserved, up to and including Signature Club and suites. Platinum Plus+ Members enjoy unlimited upgrades to the best available room at time of check-in, including Signature Club and suites, based on availability. Hotels with specialty suites, (such as Presidential suites, etc.) are excluded.

How do I qualify for Platinum Plus+?

To qualify for Platinum Plus+ members must stay a minimum of 25 times or 50 room nights (whichever is achievable first) during the calendar year (January 1 – December 31).

What enhanced benefits will Platinum Plus+ members receive?

Platinum Plus+ members receive triple Aeroplan Miles for every stay, (based on booking a qualifying rate), unlimited upgrades to the best available room at time of check-in and $500 Delta Hotels credits which can be used towards dining, guest room, meeting and event charges.

What if I am not an Aeroplan member, will I still receive 1,500 miles per stay?

No. Triple miles will only be awarded to Platinum Plus+ members who are also Aeroplan members. 

How many Aeroplan miles will I receive by staying at Delta Hotels?

Delta Privilege, Gold and Platinum members receive up to 500 miles per stay (based on booking a qualifying rate) at Delta Hotels.  Members must notify Delta Hotels, either at time of reservation or at check-in with their Aeroplan number. If this information is located on their Delta Privilege profile, members do not need to indicate this information, as it will automatically be added to their reservation.  Platinum Plus+ members receive 1,500 Aeroplan miles per stay, (based on booking a qualifying rate).  

Is there any time that I may stay at a Delta Hotel and not qualify to receive Aeroplan miles?

Yes. Since we do offer discounts off our already competitive sell rates, there are certain rates that do not qualify for Aeroplan. For a list of qualifying and non-qualifying rates, please click here.

If I have any questions regarding missing miles at Delta Hotels, whom can I contact?

If you have missing miles, you can notify the front desk during your stay or contact us toll-free through your reservation and member services telephone number. These agents can take down your information and forward to our Partner Program helpdesk. You may also e-mail us directly at for review and follow up. Any missing miles will be promptly forwarded to your frequent flyer program.

How long does it take for miles to be credited to my frequent flyer account?

Delta Hotels and Resorts submits miles on behalf of our guests on a weekly basis. Please allow 2-3 weeks for miles to appear on your mileage statement.

Do I receive car rental discounts through Avis?

Yes. All four levels of the Delta Privilege Program receive exclusive discounts from Avis that can be used throughout the membership year. New members of the Delta Privilege program will receive Avis information in their E-Welcome communication that directs them to exclusive savings. Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus+ members receive customized links, loaded with added benefits from Avis, in their yearly fulfillment packages.

Contact Us:

Delta Privilege
Delta Hotels and Resorts, Global Reservation Services
109 - 1133 Regent Street
Fredericton, NB E3B 3Z2 Canada

1- 888-321-DELTA (3358)

Note:  Platinum and Platinum Plus+ members have their very own member services toll free contact numbers, which is located on the back of their membership cards.  These members will receive priority service when contacting Delta Hotels and Resorts by telephone.

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