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Delta Hotels and Resorts
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Delta Greens

Delta Greens

Delta Greens

Delta Hotels and Resorts - Delta Greens Stay Green


Delta Greens is not a program. It is a promise we are making to this land, to the air we breathe, to you our guests, and to ourselves. A promise to reduce the waste we create, the energy we use. A promise to rethink everything we do to create positive, long-term environmental change. It is a promise with a plan that utilizes the energy and creativity of Delta staff and guests. 

Delta Greens touches on every aspect of the hotel business – from guest services to construction to how we operate and maintain our properties to how we work with our suppliers and engage with our employees. Under the program, all hotels in the chain will commit to decreasing their energy consumption, carbon emissions and water consumption by 30% within five years, as well as reducing waste by 10% and increasing waste diversion by 25%.

When we reach our targets in five years, we will have saved enough energy to power 21,000 homes for one year, reduced carbon dioxide that is the equivalent to taking 15,000 cars off the road for one year, saved enough water to fill 900 Olympic swimming pools and reduced and diverted waste that’s the equivalent of 640 dumpster trucks.

And we are committing to sharing our journey towards increased sustainability with the public via the "IRIS," an interactive tracking tool called the Integrated Rating Indicator for Sustainability. Our IRIS will be posted prominently in the "Delta Green Watch" section of our website and updated three times a year in collaboration with Loop Initiatives, the sustainability integration and measurement consultancy that helped develop Delta Greens.  You can check back on our website to see how we're doing.

Delta Greens is not a one-time initiative or marketing ploy. It’s a flame that can never be allowed to dim and is an integral part of who we are, and the way we go about our business. We owe it to our communities, to you our guests, and the environment. 

In addition, all of our properties participate in the Hotel Association of Canada’s (HAC) Green Key Eco-Rating program. We are also the first national hotel chain to become 100% meetings certified under HAC’s Green Key Meetings program. For more information on the Green Key Eco-Rating program and a list of our hotels' ratings, click here.


Delta Greens Environmental Policy
Delta Greens Sustainable Purchasing Policy

Delta Hotels and Resorts - Delta Greens

delta hotels resorts greens environment social responsibility

Delta Hotels and Resorts - Delta Greens