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The Royal Private Residence Club

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Rooftop Pool and Amenities

Fun for families at the 5th Floor Amenities Level

Soar to the ultimate in luxury on the Club's top floor where a breathtaking infinity pool overlooking Okanagan Lake awaits you.  Enjoy the indoor/outdoor hot tubs, private fitness centre with state-of-the-art exercise equipment, or bathe in the sun on a comfy chaise lounge, all while enjoying the amenities at the Delta Grand Okanagan Resort right next door.  

Resort Activities are offered outside the pool area of the Delta Grand Okanagan, from May through September and include:

  • Family games and activities
  • Movie nights
  • On-site wine tastings for adults
  • Poolside crafts for children

Among the summer activities for children are making birdhouses, friendship bracelets, duct-tape wallets and ice cream in a bag.

Please inquire about our special themed weekend activities for your family. Register for the activities at the Concierge Desk in the hotel main lobby.  Please note that some activities require parental supervision.