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Delta Hotels and Resorts
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Delta Greens

Greens Highlights

At Delta, our commitment to going green is both deep and all-encompassing. There are no spectators among us; every employee from coast to coast is bringing knowledge, passion and focus to reaching our goal. 

Many of our green initiatives will be easy for you to notice, and even easier to adopt. But many of our green efforts come to life behind the scenes. While you may not see it, we’ve been busy replacing our lighting, plumbing and other fixtures with energy-and water-efficient earth-friendly products. 

And because being green is all about thinking of the future, you have our word that our renovations and the new hotels we build will be completed with the highest standards for environmental sustainability and with careful consideration for the lifestyle of the products used in construction. 

Because the changes we make today will lay a better, greener foundation for the future.

Delta Hotels and Resorts - Delta Greens

Here are some of the green programs and initiatives currently underway at all Delta properties that will have an effect on the environment, but not on the quality of your stay.

We’re phasing out plastic water bottles from our guest rooms: 

Over five years, we estimate that this change alone will result in a reduction of 4 million fewer bottles feeding into the waste stream annually.

We’re eliminating paper guest receipts: 

Guests will be given the option to have electronic receipts e-mailed to them in place of paper. This should save around 3 million sheets of paper annually.

We’re turning on our switch-off program: 

Lights, appliances and other electronic equipment will be switched off when not in use. This will immediately begin to reduce unnecessary energy consumption.

We’re recycling like never before:

Comprehensive recycling and waste diversion programs will be implemented at all hotels.