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Delta Residences at Sun Peaks

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Upcoming Events

Festive Events

What better place to be with family and friends during the holiday season. Delta Sun Peaks Resort understands that a Christmas Vacation is a special time. In addition to the activities throughout the resort, guests of the Delta Sun Peaks Resort often have exclusive access to events put on by our own staff during these dates. From complimentary children's movie and games nights, to Santa's arrival and story times our hotel has become a tradition for families across the globe. We recommend you book your favorite room and dinner reservations now as these dates are always a sell out.

Check out this year's menus and activities by clicking on the links below.

Special Events

Every year at Delta Sun Peaks Resort there are a number of “don’t miss” festivities that are guaranteed to take place. Sun Peaks Resort offers something for everyone, every season. There is always something to do so check out Sun Peaks Resort for an up to the minute list of upcoming events. Below are just a few of our favorite festivals each year. If you have not experienced Sun Peaks in every season, we encourage you to return and see our magical winter, our relaxing summer, or our visually stunning fall season. Mark you calendars now.

Family Cup

Extend your Festive Holidays this winter and take advantage of all the events following New Year's in the first week of January. Performance is second to participation this week where families are encouraged to register in all the activities during Family Cup Week brought to you by Travelplan Ski Tours and Delta Sun Peaks Resort & Delta Residences at Sun Peaks. Every evening there is a party to attend and every day some form of race, and for this year look for the Ski Expo.  Click here to check out this years events.

Annual Winter Festival of Wine

New events at the expanded Winter Festival of Wine at Sun Peaks Resort proved to be a huge hit with sold out venues. New events and old favourites return this year as the former Icewine Festival gets set for another epic couple of weeks with even more opportunities to tease your palate. In addition to showcasing famous Icewines, the festival will feature many different varietals from the Okanagan Valley and culinary delights from area farmers. A perfect blend of wine, food and outdoor recreation, the Winter Festival of Wine is a world class event set in the picturesque village at Sun Peaks.  Click here for a full schedule of events.